Fantti campaign has ended

Thank you all for participating in Fantti campaign! Because of you we are able to pay salaries to elephant guardians, and the African elephant has a better chance to avoid extinction. The raffle for the Tanzania trip will take place next week, and we will inform the winner by email. You can still register in AirImpact to receive the latest news and information about upcoming campaigns!


Digital elephant, also known as Fantti, is a campaign whose goal is to support the African elephant conservation work in the Tanzanian elephant territories, where poaching and spreading human habitation have caused significant distress to the African elephant population.

As its first project, AirImpact will support African elephant conservation through a Tanzanian conservation foundation specialized in the protection of wildlife and wild places – PAMS. PAMS Foundation is one of Africas leading nature conservation organizations, and focused especially in the conservation of the endangered African elephant.

AirImpact is a crowd donation platform that lets you donate directly to the causes you want to support – easily, transparently and without middlemen. Due to AirImpact’s use of novel blockchain technology, the donation arrives to its destination in seconds – with proof.

What is a digital elephant?

  • Collectible elephant, that lets you help the African elephant Fantti is a unique digital collectible elephant. Each redeemed Fantti supports the work of elephant guardians hired by PAMS.
  • Your ticket to a raffle with a trip to Tanzania as the prizeFor each friend you refer to the campaign, you get one Fantti more. At the end of the campaign, we will hold a raffle between all digital elephants, and the winner gets a two person trip to Tanzania to see African elephants in their natural environment. The more Fantti’s you have, the better your chances! There is no limit to how many Fanttis you can have, so every referred friend increases your odds to win.
  • Our goal is to give out 10,000 digital elephantsYou can help the African elephant by inviting as many friends as possible to the campaign. With each referred friend, you also get a new Fantti. For each Fantti, AirImpact donates an hour’s salary to the elephant guardians. With 10,000 Fanttis we will be able to employ four guardians for a full year.

Why the African elephant?

  • African elephant - the giant ruler of the savannaAfrican elephant is the world’s largest land mammal. An African elephant female usually weighs around 6000 pounds and is about 2.5 meters tall. A male can weigh over 12.000 pounds and be over four meters tall.
  • Population has collapsed in the last decadesThere used to roam over 27 million elephants in Africa, but poatching has destroyed populations dramatically. These days only a few hundred thousand African elephants remain. The situation has been worsened by human-elephant conflicts caused by a constantly expansive human population, as well as the consequential cutting off of elephant corridors.
  • Very little time leftIf we stay on the current path, in 15 to 20 years the African elephant will be no more, but the species will go extinct. By taking part in the Fantti campaign you can help!

PAMS info

One of Africas leading conservation organizations

PAMS Foundation is a not-for-profit conservation organisation founded in 2009 and registered in the USA, Tanzania and Italy. Their mission is to empower those who protect wildlife and wild places. PAMS works to protect endangered species and environments and to promote awareness of the real value that wildlife and wild places have for our planet.

The underlying driving force to achieve the strategic goals of protecting wildlife and wild places is PAMS’s strong involvement of community members including: young school children, wildlife law enforcement professionals, and farmers. PAMS carries out educational programs, ranger training and assist with protected area management in collaboration with local authorities, higher level government, and international stakeholders.

42000Elephants Protected
4200Children Educated
1153Firearms Confiscated
7000Giraffe Protected

Help us help the African elephant.

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Coming in 2019 

What is Zippie? 

  • A wallet for digital collectibles and tokensZippie wallet is a cryptographically secured wallet for your digital collectibles, such as Fanttis!
  • Onboard in 10 seconds, without downloadsCreating a Zippie wallet only takes 10 seconds and doesn’t require you to give out personal information. A wallet is created automatically when you get your Fantti.
  • Send and receive through any messaging appYou can send the contents of your wallet simply by sharing a link through any messaging app. If the recipient doesn’t yet have a Zippie wallet, they will be created one.
  • Utilize blockchain-based decentralized appsWith the Zippie platform, users will in the future be able to use the AirImpact donation app, but also many other decentralized apps running on the blockchain.
  • Bonus for online shoppingBy doing your online shopping through the Zippie marketplace, you earn cashback and bonuses which are deposited directly to your Zippie wallet.